All INLPTA Trainings can be in part or fully synchronous online

All training courses gain new flexibility, because they can now also include synchronous online parts. Trainings can take place 100% on-site as before, but also up to 100% synchronously online. Mixed groups of on-site and online participants (hybrid trainings) are also possible.

link: Quality in online courses

The format you choose depends on the configuration you have.


The following conditions have to be fulfilled if online parts are used.

If the training is conducted partially or completely online, the following points must be observed:

  • The training must always be synchronous
  • A videoconferencing system must be chosen that allows small group work and promotes interaction.
  • All participants must always be able to see and hear all other participants and the trainer.
  • The trainer must always be able to see and hear all participants.
  • An exchange of communication between all participants must be possible at all times.
  • The group and exercise portions must be as large (at least 60%) as in face-to-face training.
  • The specifics of the effect of online training on group dynamics, engagement, interactivity, attention, and verbal and non-verbal communication have been addressed and adapted to provide equivalent results to face-to-face training.
  • The admission of online trainings has to be applied for separately and a training in designing and conducting online / eLearning workshops or trainings is necessary and has to be proven (in total at least 25 hours). Extensive own experience and acquired expertise and development of adaptations for online trainings can be credited.

INLPTA position to NLP Global Body


After more considerations and discussions we confirm again that INLPTA does not support or participate in the Global Body, we support quality training and high NLP standards as always. We will stay in a monitoring and observing position about what is happening.


Wyatt Woodsmall, INLPTA Co-Founder

Bert Feustel, INLPTA Co-Founder

INLPTA meeting at Leadership summit 2020 in Alicante


Inlpta Founder/Director Bert Feustel, INLPTA Master Trainer Henrie Lidiard, INLPTA Trainer Madeleine Allen, Nick Fragkias