About the INLPTA

What is the INLPTA?

The INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association) is an international NLP coaching company. It was founded in 1993 by NLP Master Trainers Wyatt Woodsmall, Bert Feustel and Marvin Oka. Since then, the INLPTA has established itself throughout the world as a quality brand in NLP.

Objectives of INLPTA

The aim of INLPTA is to represent the interests of NLP trainers and the demanding quality guidelines of NLP training worldwide and to promote NLP in the business. Members of the INLPTA can become trainers who have undergone an INLPTA trainer education or a special trainer upgrade as well as master coaches.

Honorary Code and INLPTA Guidelines

INLPTA stands for quality and ethics in NLP worldwide. This is ensured by the Code of Honor and a set of guidelines for training, such as NLP Practice, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer trainings. The INLPTA conducts international coaching and master trainer trainings each year in several cities around the world to teach the policies and attitudes of the INLPTA.

INLPTA directors

The directors of INLPTA are the three founders Wyatt Woodsmall, Bert Feustel and Marvin Oka. Each board member is the official INLPTA representative and contact for the following continents:


Wyatt Woodsmall : America, UK, Middle East

Bert Feustel : Europe, Asia, Australia, rest of the World

Marvin Oka : 


Requirement for membership

INLPTA Trainer (INLPTA-Trainer Training or INLPTA Trainer Upgrade)


INLPTA Master Coach


Recognition of the code of honor


Recognition of training guidelines


Payment of membership fees (100 euros per year)

Tasks of the INLPTA

Perform INLPTA trainer trainings worldwide


Develop guidelines and provide the coach


Provide seals and certificates


Quality assurance


Carrying out PR measures at international level


Promote INLPTA Coach Networking


Make attractive offers for INLPTA coaches

Countries with own INLPTA representations

In many countries, the INLPTA has representatives with coordinators who provide the INLPTA trainers with good and fast on-site service in the local language.


In Germany, Iris Komarek is your coordinator and contact person. Contact via iris.komarek (at) inlpta.org


In the following countries there are own INLPTA representations:


Europe: Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Turkey

United States

The INLPTA promotes new European representations

INLPTA Europa is keen to be officially represented in as many countries as possible. If you are interested in becoming a representative of INLPTA in your country, you should contact us to be informed about conditions, tasks and help.

Benefit of INLPTA for coaches

Worldwide recognition


Possibility to obtain permissions for INLPTA trainings, eg Diploma, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Coach Practitioner, Master Coach, Learning Coach ...


Benefit from the INLPTA brand image


Worldwide networking among INLPTA trainers possible

Any questions?

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