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INLPTA seals and certificates

The INLPTA seal is to be used only on official INLPTA certificates awarded to those who have meet the INLPTA accreditation requirements for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer status as conducted by a registered INLPTA NLP Trainer or Master Trainer.

These are examples of the official INLPTA certificates:

Oder Seals

You can order seals directly at the INLPTA europe representationa

As an INLPTA trainer you can order numbered seals and certificates.


You can order seals through the INLPTA coordinator for your country


In Europe the price for seals is 15 Euros (including the numbered seal and the certificate) or us$20. This price may vary depending on your country and there is a two tier structure for third world countries


The certificates have different colours for different levels: green=diploma, blue=practitioner, red=master, coach = brown, trainer= orange/gold and the same text, providing dates, beginning, end, days and hours in English is used worldwide the same.


Please use separate forms for each accreditation level (Diploma, Practitioner, Master-Practitioner, Practitioner Coach, Master Coach,  Trainer, Upgrade). Thank you.

The INLPTA seal logo is to be used only on marketing materials that pertain to specific NLP accreditation trainings that meet INLPTA accreditation standards. Alongside the INLPTA logo, the following wording is deemed to be appropriate for publication:


“This training is conducted in accordance with the quality standards set by the International NLP Trainer’s Association”


If the INLPTA member logo is to be used on brochures, advertisements, etc. that encompass other trainings that are not based on the INLPTA accreditation standards and requirements, it must not be misleading to the public as to which trainings are INLPTA recognized and which are not.


The INLPTA member logo can be used on the business cards and letterhead of current registered INLPTA NLP Trainers and Master Trainers with the following wording:


“Registered INLPTA NLP Trainer” or

“Registered INLPTA NLP Master Trainer”


Further or updated information is provided in the membership agreement